Monday, September 29, 2008

Katahdin lamb prices

I just got off the phone from talking to a fellow Katahdin sheep breeder in the Smiths Falls area of Ontario. He tells me he sells the fresh lamb at a local farmers market for $7.50 a lb and that is not for the best cuts even! Apparantly, someone else is at the same market selling "regular" lamb, which has a lot more fat. Customers are simply crossing the street to buy the Katahdin lamb which is obviously so much leaner.
Another Katahdin breeder I talked to recently, tells me that Muslims prefer Katahdins as during the "Halal" kill, (which is similar to the Jewish "Kosher") the meat is less likely to be contaminated by the wool.

As prices at the livestock markets are low right now, it might make sense for us to sell the meat directly to the public. We generally sell the live lambs, rather than having them butchered first.

Did you also know that Katahdin sheep are the only breed where not a single case of scrapie has been recorded? They seem to be resistant, and it does not appear to have anything to do with the scrapie resistant gene types, as even those Katahdins who do not possess the scrapie resistant gene are not getting scrapie after being exposed to it in a provincial study.

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Burloak said...

Katahdin Lamb is the leanest lamb and is mild flavour compared to wool sheep breeds.

Restaurants want Katahdin, because of its' delicate taste, it time to sell your lamb for $7.95 lbs and make some money.